How much is a GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX F:D:IND:IMP. Penny worth?


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The best place to check any coin valuation, apart from seeing a numismatist in person, is to check on various coin valuation websites such as Jake’s Marketplace ( or Internet auction sites are full of amateur numismatists so, having checked the calibre of their selling history, it might be worth putting the coin on one of these sites before seeking a professional valuation. Indeed, the more research you do yourself the better the amateur numismatist you become in addition to this. The price also depends on the condition of the coin and gradings are given as Very Fine and Extremely Fine, as well as different prices for different models of the coins. A George the Sixth coin, minted between 1936 and 1952, is of decent worth, so if there is a year on the coin it will determine the value more accurately. lists coins from Britain, so it might be worth checking that site for more information. George the Sixth was Queen Elizabeth the Second’s father and famously suffered with a stammer. He took over from his brother, King Edward the Eighth, who had to abdicate due to his marriage to Wallis Simpson who was a divorcee. The recent film The King’s Speech, with Colin Firth in the Academy Award-winning title role, was a biopic account of how George, or Bertie to his family, overcame his stammer to confidently broadcast a BBC message to the British people. The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee next year, which will bring about new stamps and coins to commemorate the event. The British people have been granted a bank holiday on 5 June, just as April 29 2011 was a bank holiday due to Prince William, now the Duke of Cambridge, being married. George the Sixth’s wife, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, lived to be 101, outlasting her late husband by almost half a century.

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