1934 Half Penny Georgivs Who Much Is It Worth?


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Which country is your half penny from?

  • It sounds like it could be worth a lot of money, depending on its condition and whether it has been circulated.

  • If it is an Australian one, for example, this could be worth in excess of $30,000 Australian dollars! This is if it is in mint brand new condition and had not been circulated; meaning that it was not put out in to the shops for public use.

  • If it is a British half penny, this website will give you varying values that you can then match to the condition and whether your penny has been circulated. is easy to navigate and should give you an accurate valuation for your half penny.

  • If your penny is from another country, there are various other websites that will give you a valuation if you simply type into Google, or any other search engine, "1934 half penny value" they will appear. Perhaps if you put the respective country in as well you will get better results.

  • There are various ways you can go about selling your half penny if this is your intention. Your best bet will probably be an auction house, because this will mean that your penny will be sold for its proper value. They will give you a valuation and you can set a preliminary price for your penny so it won't sell unless someone bets over it, to avoid your half penny going for less than it is worth. If you do not have an auction house near you, you could use the internet site eBay to sell it, but you are not guaranteed to get as much money for it on here.

  • If you hang on to it, though it will only go up in value and one day it may be worth an even larger amount of money.

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