How much is a 1964 Regina F:D Elizabeth ii Dei Gratia half penny and a 1963 one penny worth?


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With any old coins such as the 1964 Reginia F:D Elizabeth II Dei Gratia half penny it is best to take it to an expert to be valued rather than trying to determine the value online by listening to the opinions of people who may not actually be qualified or experts in their field.

Coin dealers or antique dealers are certainly worth visiting. You will find a lot of the value is determined by the coin's condition and so before taking it to valuation it is always a good idea to give it a thorough clean. You need to be careful when polishing an old coin and you should not use any chemicals in case it actually chips away at the covering - which would significantly devalue your piece.

It is also important to keep in mind that coin and antique dealers are always looking to make a profit on anything they buy and so the value they may quote will be short of its true value. Therefore it is always best to declare straightaway that you are not willing to sell the piece but would like them to value it for you. This way you are likely to be given a more accurate valuation.

There are also websites popping up that, for a small fee, will get an expert to value your coins. Websites such as offer this service. It is therefore important to take a good photo of your coins so the valuer can see in detail the condition of the coin. Therefore it is best to use a DSLR camera and attach a macro lens which is used for close-ups.

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