How Much Is The Liberty Head V Nickel Worth?


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The Liberty Head V nickel, also known simply as the Liberty Head nickel, is thought to generally be worth at least 15 times its face value. A lot of the coin's cost will depend on its exact age, condition and if it's a particularly rare nickel. 

These nickels were originally minted between 1883 and 1913, with the different years having different values. With one exception, the most valuable nickels in the series were minted in the earlier years.

The most valuable Liberty Head nickel was minted in 1885, and has an approximate value of $245. The next most valuable is the 1886 nickel, which has an estimated value of $110, depending on its condition.

The third most valuable nickel is the 1912-S, which is valued at $65. The values for coins minted in most other years generally range from $0.75 to $10, depending on the year and the overall condition.

Some nickels minted during these years may not have a high value. This is true of coins that have become heavily worn down with age or are damaged in some way.

There is a very rare variety of the Liberty Head nickel, minted in 1913, that never entered circulation. There are only 5 coins from this minting that are known to exist, with an estimated value of about $2 million.

A coin dealer can give an approximate price when a collector is unsure of a coin's value. Another way to get an idea of approximate prices is to purchase the blue Book Handbook of U.S. Coins, which costs about $10.
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You have not mentioned the year of the coin. In fact the worth of this coin can be $.75 or it can be $110 depending on the year. I am giving you the link which has the list of value of these coins from year to year.
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I have a liberty nickel (1904 & 1911) in just about fair condition  can I sell them?
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I have 1896, 1900, 1907, 1908, and 1911 V nickels. One each.
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That guest is retarded...your coin is worth around $2...give or take depending on the condition of the coin.
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Value is $2 - $275 depending on condition.  If your coin was circulated though, it is almost surely NOT on the higher end of the value range.  Check the 2010 Red Book to get a better idea if you are really interested.
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Using the ANA grading system that coin ranges from 2.00 on the low end up to 250.00 on the high end based on its condition
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