Are You A Good Or Bad Tipper? How Much Do You Tip When You Eat Out At A Restaurant Or At A Bar?


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I consider myself a very good tipper so long as the service is up to par. I grew up in a home where my mother often had to work as a waitress and I appreciate the amount of effort which this job takes.
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My husband and I usually eat out 2 or 3 times a week.  We tip 20% if the service is good - and it usually is.  If service is non-existent, which has occurred a couple of times over the years, I won't leave anything and I will complain to the manager.  On the same hand, if a server goes out of their way to be helpful we make sure the manager hears about that too.  There are a lot of buffets in our area and the server normally only has to bring the drinks, refill them and take away dirty dishes.  We use the same scale for those places because I literally cannot stand to see dirty dishes on my table.  If there are just a few problems with service, nothing serious we might tip less, say 10 - 15% depending on how many problems.  But I don't think anyone should feel bad about not tipping when the service is bad, This is not the case if the problem is beyond the server's control.  Sometimes the cook has an off day.  In that case we complain to the manager, but tip the server.  In a bar, I generally tip a dollar a round.  If there were a larger party (3 or more people) I'd tip more.
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I am a good tipper.  I give the amount stipulated by law and if they give that bit of extra attention or laughter while Im there then I give them more but if I get bad service then I won't tip at all.  I have a lot of respect for the people that does this kind of work because Im the type of person that would never be able to stand there and take other peoples crap but they are willing to do so
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Penny Kay
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And a big Amen to that Tamy, to this day, I hate to cook, because of the FOOD TERRORISTS, ( I call them) that like to complain and get nasty over everything. People who like to find fault with everything, some people call them picky eaters. The vocal ones, have made my life as a waitress, a living hell. I don't do well in that job, I am way too sensitive. I was constantly in tears. I think there are those who go to restaurants to pick on someone who can't fight back....*p
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I am a generous tipper. I have been a waitress several times in my life. It is a grueling and often thankless job. You are caught between the cooks, who rule the roost, and the customer, that is always right. I tip 20% , and often add to that if the service is excellent. I often over tip, and I leave tips at snack counters and take out places too. I tend to be a generous person, the kind that will literally give the shirt off my back, because I enjoy giving. It makes me Happy!...*p
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I'm an excellent tipper. Most all my jobs depended on tips. I know what's like. Treat me right, I treat you right. Someone has to make up for the slack of those who don't or can't.
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I've been a bartender and a waitress so if the service is decent, I tip well. I typically tip 20% of the bill at a restaurant and the same if I run a tab in a bar. Otherwise a buck or two a round depending on the size of the round and the service.  But I go out to a bar about once every blue moon since I have young kids again...
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I will normally leave between 20% to 25% if the service was acceptable. If the restaurant is very busy and I am not getting quick service but I can tell the waitress/ waiter is doing as well as they are capable of then I don't hold that against them. If the service is flat out terrible with no reason to be that way then I will leave 1 or 2 dollars.
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I will tip, whether it's good service or not, and I will tip a cook, if the meal is prepared well. Often enough, cooks never get a lot of tips, and this is most of what you get from going out for a meal. It isn't just the waitress, or waiter that make your experience a nice one.
I have tipped the waitress/waiter and sent complaints to the manager about the food. It isn't fair the way that people leave them out, they are in that kitchen in that God awful heat, preparing this meal for you, and they are rarely recognized for what they do. Hope ya like my answer DK
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Pamela Krueger
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Yes, I hear ya! Some of the best cooks work for measley wages and it's very sad. I will give tips to the waitress and also include a tip for the cook (they're suppose to share but don't always do that) by actually him/her some money.
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I once considered myself fair to good tipper, but now I'm in this economy crunch with everyone else and try not to eat out, I cook at home unless I'm traveling.....the best to you
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As a restaurant worker for over 20 years, I demand the service that I give. A server's tip starts at 15% and goes up or down, depending on their performance in my opinion. This girl really screwed the cow as far as service to you. It sounds like she's a moron and has never reached the goal of properly serving the customer's every need. I would leave her spare change and write a note on your check or charge slip to be assured that her absence of service gets to management...if you write it on a charge slip, it goes to UPPER management. Always leave something, as it looks like you are cheap if you don't, but if you leave a nickle and an explanation, the server has an opportunity to learn from the situation and the management can further observe this waitress's service to see if she treats other customers the same way and determine if she represents the way that the restaurant wants their business to be run...thus, they should fire her if it repeats.

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