What's A Good Restaurant In Norwich For An Informal Business Lunch?


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There are many fine restaurants in this fine city.

Really depends on how much you're willing to spend.

There are the 'posh' restaurants such Adlards and Tatlers. Also By Appointment - which is a magical little restaurant based in an authentic terrace!

Opposite By Appointment you have The Last Wine bar which has an excellent restaurant and a great range of French cuisines.

Other good restaurants include Cafe HA HA which in the Tombland part of the city.  Tomblamb has great selection of venues ranging from Italian, Japanese, Indian, Spanish and traditional English restaurants.

Find more restaurants in Norwich here.

I also recommend a fantastic new restaurant called The Library. It's near the Guildhall in the city centre and your food is served on an Oak platter! Get's 5 stars from me!
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Norwich has a few good places for a business lunch without the formalities. Depending on your food preference the following restaurants are pretty good:    The Wine Press - Good for chat, chilled out and stylish. Serves sandwiches and recognised food along with a decent bar selection. Hidden away from the high street it feels quite secret. Only downsides are that the tables aren't that big.    Zest - Part of Sprowston Manor owned by Marriott this is a stylish bar & restaurant that is never too busy. Positioned next to the Golf course & laid back atmosphere, this is a great place for meeting informally.Tends to serve English and Italian cuisines including Fish dishes and various specials.    The Rushcutters is positioned next to the River Wensum and has a loyal base of returning customers. Serves a variety of typical pub food and can get busy given its position and reputation.    Zizi's is another cool restaurant and serves Italian cuisines.  Located centrally in Tomb Land, Zizi's is a popular place to eat and chat providing a good place to go over business.    Prezzo - Italian cuisine and recently furnished after it was taken over. The restaurant is probably more formal than the Wine Press but still relaxed enough to discuss business in a relaxing atmosphere.    On the edge of informal is Loch Fyne who serve many different fish dishes for many tastes. Slightly more upmarket than those mentioned here it would still serve as a good place to discuss business.    Another recommendation is Mackintosh's Canteen kitted out in modern decoration and said to produce good food (I haven't tried this one).  Serves Grill dishes    Other restaurants include Cafe Rouge, Tatlers, Femi's, By Appointment .
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You would have several options.  If your client is used to the finer things in life, I would recommend  The last wine bar, but sit in the bar area as the restaurant can be quite empty at lunchtimes.  If Pizza is the order of the day the old Pizza One Pancakes Two in the Tomb land area of Norwich would be good.  If you didn't want to go all the way into the city perhaps Sprowston Golf Club Club House in their restaurant area, they cater for most tastes and you can rely on the service and quality of fair.
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Thank you for your answer Hugger38, I was looking specifically for a restaurant in the city.
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Pizza One Pancakes Two has been shut for a few years :)

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