How Much Is A 1940 US Nickel Worth Now?


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A 1940 US nickel is also known as one of a series of Jefferson nickels first produced in 1938; these are still minted today. The coins are not very rare at all as it is a coins scarcity that adds to it its value. Unless in an uncirculated condition, most nickels, regardless of rarity will fetch at maximum around $4.00. A rare uncirculated coin could reach roughly $15.00; however the common 1940 nickel will likely be worth in the region of 50 cents in an uncirculated state, and much lower for coins in a poorer condition.

  • Is it worth keeping?
Why not? Just because it's not worth much now, doesn't mean to say it won't be in the future? Imagine if all the people in the world who owned one thought the same as you; if you decided to keep hold of yours then it would shoot up in value!

  • Is that really likely?
Well no, not really but the beauty of the nickel is its low cost. It means that would be coin collectors can begin their collection in a relatively inexpensive way. If you amass a full collection from 1938 to the present day then who knows what it might be worth? If you look around the internet you can see complete coin sets of this type retailing between $50 and over $500.

  • Okay, if I decide to start a Jefferson Nickel collection, which is the most valuable?
With an estimated valuation of $125k, a 1942 San Francisco minted five cent coin with an obverse of a 1941 coin is the rarest and most valuable Jefferson nickel to date. Unfortunately it is believed to be entirely unique, although that's no reason not to keep your eye out just in case!
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It really depends on the condition of the coin.  Refer to the United States Coins Red Book to get a idea of what the coin is worth.

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