How Much Is Two Shillings Worth In US Dollars?


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The value of the coin or coins you currently hold are dependent on how well preserved the coins are (whether they are scratched or are in good condition) and the date that the coins are made. Some dated coins are far rarer than others, making their value much greater.

Assuming we are talking about the old British sterling currency, the value of the shilling will vary greatly depending on the monarch on the reverse of the coin. As some monarch's reigned in Britain for longer than others this will also have a bearing on the value of the coin. Sterling coins also came in multiples, so it could be that you hold two 1 shilling coins or one 2 shilling coin, the value will vary accordingly.
Simply look down the list for the coins that you hold and you should begin to gain some knowledge as to the value of your coins. If the coin is not too rare then it could be that it does not hold much of a value yet, around the $5-$10 dollar mark would be typical for some of the least rare shilling coins.

Some shilling coins currently on sale on eBay are going for as little as $1 so it may be worth holding onto the coin (coins) for a little while until their value increases.

Some of the rarest of shillings can go for potentially thousands of dollars depending on how rare they are and the buyer. As a general rule coins will appreciate in value as they get older, so some of the oldest shilling coins may have a greater value.

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