How Much Is A 1988 Coin $1000 Estados Unidos Mexicanos Worth In US Dollars?


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The unfortunate answer is, your 1988 1000 Peso coin is worth next to nothing. The Mexican Peso was devalued on January 1st 1993 due to hyperinflation and this knocked three zeroes off the end of all Mexican currency. 

If you took your 1988 coin to a US bank you would receive only 7 cents in return.   

You may find a coin collector willing to buy a pre-devaluation 1000 peso 'Juana de Asabje' coin, if they need that particular coin to complete a set, but even then the coin would need to be a non-circulation coin and in mint condition. If you want to sell in online, I'd start at $1.00 and hope for the best.

Who Is Juana de Asbaje?

In case you were wondering, the figure on the coin is Juana de Asbaie, full name Juana Inés de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana (1651-1695),

who lived in Mexico when it was still part of the Spanish empire. 

She was a nun, and a noted scholar, poet and writer, who made valuable contributions to the beginnings of Mexican literature.

Learn more about Juana de Asbaje by watching this Mexican film of her life, with English subtitles:

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