How Much Is My 1988 Silver Dollar Worth?


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I would need more information about your coin than just the date. The value of any coin is based on condition. Not just date. I am confused about the date "1988" . The reason is that Liberty Seated Dollars were minted between 1840-1873; Trade Dollars between 1873-1885; Morgan  Dollars between 1878-1921; Peace Dollars 1921-1935Eisenhower Dollars 1971- 1978; Susan B. Anthony 1979-1999 (No 1988 coins minted that year ). On top of the date I would need to know what mint make in on it and something of the condition. Check your coin and ask the question again.
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I actually have 2 - 1881s silver dollars that seem in good shape.
2 - 1879 (one s and one unmarked) silver dollars.
What specifies good shape?
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Your 1881-S in "very fine" condition is worth about $22.00. The 1879 Phidelipha (No mint mark) is also worth about $22.00 in a similar condition. Check out "The official Red Book A guid book of United States Coins" For an explenation of condition of coins.

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