I Have A Coin With ELIZABETH II / D.G. REG. F. D. On The Front And Twenty Pence / (20) 1989 On The Back. I Was Just Wandering If It's Rare Or Not And It's Value, Any Ideas?


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Unfortunately, the 20 pence coin with Elizabeth II on is very common and was widely circulated throughout the UK. Therefore the value of the coin is still 20 pence.

This value could increase if you are not based in the UK or you plan to sell it abroad. The value of coins is related to their rarity and also if they hold any great or unique significance. The British royal family are renowned throughout the world, so coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II could be very appealing to many people who have an interest in this area. It is still worth trying to sell the coin if this was your plan, although it is unlikely to make a fortune, you never know who might be interested.

There are obviously global auction websites such as eBay that you could list the coin on. Remember; always take a good picture of the item you are wishing to sell, buyers will want to know the condition of the coin. You need a great close-up shot; this is best achieved with a DSLR camera and with a macro lens if possible. A macro lens is specially designed for close-ups and would be ideal for picking out the detail on the coin. You should avoid using flash as it will reflect off the coin's surface and could distort the photo.

Another great site you could list your coin on is a specialist auction website at It would be a good idea to list the item here as this is frequented by buyers interested in this area. Simply head to and sign up to list your first item.
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I have 1985 coin same description as above twenty pence, is this silver & what is it worth ?
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I have a elizabeth ii/d.g.reg.f.d on the front and twenty pence/20 1987 on the back. I was just wandering if it's rare or not and it's value, any ideas

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