What's The Value Of A 1916 Silver Threepenny Bit?


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It is difficult to give an accurate valuation of a 1916 silver threepenny bit without knowing the condition of the coin. As with anything that is collectable, and is bought to sell on later, the condition of the product is crucial to its overall value.

Some ways of finding out the value of a 1916 silver threepenny bit are:

• Taking the item to a coin dealer or antique dealer for valuation
• Checking on coin dealer websites the value and also listing the coin for sale
• Checking on and listing the coin on the auction

If you take the item to a coin dealer or antique dealer you must be fully aware that they are in business of buying collectibles with the view to selling it on for a profit. Therefore the value they give you for the coin will of course not be the true value as they will be under-valuing the coin in question to make a nice profit further down the line. It is still worth going to the dealers however and if you insist you do not wish to sell it but would like to know the value then they may be a little more honest and generous in their valuation.

It is sometimes the best idea to sell directly to a collector rather than a dealer. This way the recipient is not interested in making a profit and only wants to buy it for their personal pleasure. Therefore you will most likely be able to strike a better deal with them. would be a good place to start as you will have access to a wide audience without having to pay to advertise it in an obscure local media outfit.
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Could be a fortune!

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