How Much Is The Two New Pence Worth?


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This very much depends upon when it was minted. Any two pence coin with the words ‘New Pence’ on them that are dated before 1983 are worth just their face value of two pence. If you have a two pence coin that has the words ‘New Pence’ on and it just happens to be dated 1983, then you’re on to a winner and you could get £700 for it.

When decimalization took place in the UK in 1971, all the two pence coins had ‘New Pence’ on their reverse side. These words were also printed on the new one pence piece and the half penny piece (which has long been out of circulation) to avoid any confusion with the currency they were replacing. These words were on the coins until 1981.
No more two pence coins were minted until 1983 when the powers that be decided that ‘New Pence’ was no longer necessary and replaced the words with ‘Two Pence’. Luckily for some, a small batch of the coins were printed with the old words on them, and that makes them very rare, and more to the point, worth up to £700 depending on their condition. If you do happen to have one, the last thing you should do is to clean it because that will lower its value rather than increase it.

Through visiting dedicated coin-collecting communities, and taking your rare finds with you, it’s likely you’ll get a well-informed opinion on whether your coins are worth anything. Getting a second opinion is also a good idea if you are considering to sell your treasured possession.
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Only the one that has 1983 on it is worth £700 any other new pence coins are worthless
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When the 2 pence was introduced, they called it a new pence from 1971 to 1981, and in 1982, they decided it wasn't new anymore, and replaced "new" with "two". In some years of the early 80's no Two pence coins were issued for general circulation and the 637,100 1983 dated coins that were produced all went into special sets containing one of each coin from that year. In a few of those sets the 2p coin was struck with the older ('New Pence' type) reverse by mistake and is indeed very rare.

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