I found this coin and am not sure what it is or if its worth anything; it appears to be gold or gold plated on the front its an angel the year 2000 on the back it says lilian vernon 1999 special millenium edition. Is it worth anything?


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This coin isn't a rare coin - it appears to be a corporate coin printed for promotional purposes. This type of coin certainly doesn't pop up in Google searches for rare coins, and even its namesake, Lillian Vernon, appears to be a little bit of a mystery. Since there are currently no online auctions running for this mysterious piece of currency, it's probably not a valuable item.

  • Values should be easy to trace

Coins with rarity and exclusivity tend to appear on rare coin sites, or get some exposure on blogs and websites devoted to coin collecting. Since Lillian Vernon wasn't a President, Prime Minister, or Queen, she's not really the sort of person who would get her face minted on a shiny new commemorative coin. This woman may be a businesswoman who ran a company at one time. There are some defunct websites under her name, but nothing current is really open to see. All of this points to a coin that doesn't really exist, or else was created in a limited edition as a promotional gambit or gimmick.

  • Rare coin facts

Online forums devoted to coin collecting can be excellent places to learn exactly how much collectible coins are worth. People who meet at these forums love coin collecting, and some of them have accrued a massive amount of valuable knowledge over the years. Luckily, most people on online forums are quite happy to chat about their collections or answers questions about a "mystery coin" like the Lillian Vernon coin you are inquiring about.

To find out more about your coin, take it in to a qualified appraiser in your community, or take a digital picture of it and upload it onto your blog, adding a line of text asking if anyone knows the origins and value of this piece.

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