20p Coin With Jug On Back 3 Lions On Front What Is It Worth?


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As with all collectible currency, there are many variable factors which can influence the value of the coin. How old it is, what kind of condition and the desirability of the coin can all increase its value.

It is often difficult to value a coin or note as the desirability is a huge influencing factor and one person may find more desirable than another. Also, we do not know what the future holds or what will be sought after in years to come; there may be a major event that could make a certain coin valuable. The date that circulation stopped can also have a massive influence on the desirability of the coin so its value could increase for numerous reasons.

For one 20 pence coin in good condition, with a jug on the back and lions on the front, a value of somewhere between £8-£10 is likely. For a more accurate valuation, you should take the coin to a specialist who will be able to give you a more precise value after looking at the condition. The date on the coin will also make a difference to the valuation.

For a rough estimate, have a look on an online auction site such as eBay to establish how much other coins are being sold for. You may not be able to find the exact coin you have but you can roughly make a valuation based on what you see.

The valuation of the coin is likely to increase as it becomes older and rarer and when (or if) we reach a point where 20 pence coins are no longer in circulation.

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