How Much Worth Is: Elizabeth II D.G. Regina Canadian One Dollar Coin Of 1987?


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The value of a 1987 Elizabeth II D.G. Regina Canadian one dollar coin can vary greatly depending on its condition. If it is in an excellent condition then it can fetch up to 100 Canadian dollars. However, a poorer condition coin will fetch a lot less.

The best thing to do in order to get the most accurate valuation for your coin is to head to a local coin dealers or antique dealers. Before taking your coin to be valued, it is wise to carefully clean it thoroughly. This will make sure it is in its best possible condition and can add a lot of value with a simple clean.

Once you've been given a value from the coin dealers or antique dealers don't automatically accept it there and then. You have to remember their business is selling stock on for a profit and so the value they would pay you is always lower than its real worth. Therefore it is best still to hear what they value it at but it could be better to sell it to a collector rather than a seller.

An easy way of reaching a large customer database is to sell your coin on an auction website such as You can either list it as a 'buy it now' and have a fixed price or you can let it go to auction with a starting bid you determine.

When listing products on it is crucial you get a great photograph of your product. Therefore it is advised that you use a DSLR camera and a macro lens which will enable you to get a very crisp and detailed shot of the coin.

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