I Have Trade Dollar Coin 1872 . I Like To Know How Mush It Worth?


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The first Trade Dollars were not minted until 1873. If a coin says Trade Dollar and is dated with the year 1872 then it would appear that it must be a counterfeit coin.

However, if the coin is dated 1872 but it does not say Trade Dollar, then there is a possibility that it could instead be a genuine Liberty Seated Dollar. If this is the case then you should have it inspected by a dealer or certification agency because its value could range from anywhere between $300 and $1000 depending on its condition.

America's first bullion coin, the Trade Dollar, inherited this title almost by accident. Intended as a way of sending surplus silver overseas, within two years it had become a domestic bullion coin, much to the annoyance of ordinary citizens.

A bill providing in part for the issuance of the trade dollar was eventually put before Congress, where it was approved and later signed into law as the Coinage Act of 1873. The act made trade dollars legal tender up to the value of five dollars. A number of designs were considered for the Trade Dollar, and an obverse and reverse created by William Barber were selected.

The coins were first struck in 1873, and most of the production was sent to China. Eventually, bullion producers began converting large amounts of silver into trade dollars, causing the coins to make their way into American commercial channels.
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My husband just got what he thought was an 1872 Trade Dollar.  We thought the same as some others.  The books must be wrong.  But they are not wrong.  My husband checked his with a magnet.  It picked up the coin.  If it were a real coin it would be made out of 90% silver and 10% copper.  A magnet should not stick to it at all.
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There is a trade dollar goes back to 1972 , which I have in my hand right now,don't k ow how much
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1872 T $ 1 dólar de Comercio, Judd-1220, Pollock-1362,
Pattern Trade Dollar Liberty Seated Rendition
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I to have a 1872 CC Trade Dollar It has a woman that is seated holding a flower or plant.
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First of all, no trade dollars were made in 1872. What you have is known as a Liberty Seated Dollar. Its value depends on many things such as its condition, mintmarks (if any), etc. You can see if it has a mintmark by looking on the back under the eagle. If there is the letter S or the letters CC than that would be the mintmark. In an average circulated condition, without a mintmark it would be worth $530. If it was in mint condition without a mintmark it would be worth $1450. With the CC mintmark it would be worth $5000 in the average circulated condition, $25,000 in mint condition. If it had an S mintmark it would be worth $1200 in an average uncirculated condition, $11,500 in mint condition. I highly suggest that you send it to a company called ANACS (Google it) to have it graded. If you don't than you will be lucky to get a tenth of its actual value if you try to sell it. I also suggest that you don't clean it, if you do it will become absolutely worthless.
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I too have a 1872 Trade Dollar. I have researched the internet and can not find one. Yet on the back of the coin it says "Trade Dollar" Is this a trade dollar or a regular seated dollar. Thanks Hollars
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I have a 1872 CC coin that also says Trade Dollar on it, I can not find any simliar on the internet, it has a woman that is seated holding a flower or plant. Is their any more information on this?
WA, Australia
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Does it these silver dollar 1872 СС woman is seated and has a flower or plant in his hand..I on both sides of the coin with the motto.The coin is very beautiful, and many want to know!
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I also have a 1872 trade dollar. In my coin guide, they say the trade dollar started in 1873, but they are mistaken, because mine clearly states 1872, and TRADE DOLLAR on the reverse. I know it is authentic and not a copy or fake like the person at the top of the page says. I too am curious to know the value of these coins. Seems to me, through lack of info, that these may be kind of rare, so keep em  if you got them!  Jay P.
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Some coins were struck in 1872 in anticipation of the bill passage.  Believe some of these were fathered into circulation so long as it was of the approved design.  Wikipedia has some info on the matter

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I have a 1872 trade dollar. In my coin, on the back under the eagle has the letter S. Can anyone tell me my coin is real or fake, and the value of my coins
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Okay coin experts. Quite a variety of answers here about these 1872 Trade coins. I have one also. It is not magnetic, and matches the 1873 and up coins exactly. They obviously did make these coins in 1872. So what's it worth?
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The coins you have are copy coins, fakes as the real coins have and eagle on the back not olive leaves and trade dollar on back, fakes.
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Okay I have an 1872 S   trade dollar with lady liberty sitting on what seems to be like bricks   holding an olive branch with some leaves and in the other hand a sash that says liberty on it. In the back there is an eagle holding arrows and another branch with again some leaves 420 grains 900 fine looks legit to me but I'm not an expert if I only knew what it's worth till then it's in my collection

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