How Much Is A Five Shilling Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Coin Worth?


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According to the expert Brad Swain on the All Experts website (, a commemorative five shilling (Crown) coin from Queen Elizabeth II's coronation could be worth anywhere between one US dollar and $10 depending on the condition of the coin and collector demand.

In Britain, the established London coin dealers Coincraft offer 1953 Coronation Crown coins on their website for sale between £9.95 (approximately $16.20 as of July 2011) and £23.50 ($38.30). However on eBay the coin appears to typically sell for between £1 and £3 (plus postage and packaging costs).

The coin will have a far greater value if it is uncirculated. The more valuable coins sold by Coincraft on their website ( fall into this category.
The Coronation Crown was produced in 1953 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II the year before. In pre-decimal British currency (which existed until decimalization in 1971), five shillings equaled one crown.

The currency worked as follows:
• 4 farthings = 1 penny
• 12 pennies = 1 shilling
• 20 shillings = 1 pound

In addition to this, there was also a florin (equivalent to 24 pence or 2 shillings). There were also half penny coins, three pence coins, six pence coins and half crown coins.

It was customary for a coronation crown to be produced every time a new monarch was crowned. The 1953 Coronation Crown is considered to be rather unusual because it is the only Coronation Crown that was not available in silver. The coin measures 38mm in diameter.

On its reverse the Queen is shown on horseback and on the obverse there are the four shields of the Royal Arms.

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