How Much Is A Queen Elizabeth Il D.g.Reg.F.d 1981 Worth?


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There are a number of coins that display the Elizabeth II motto you have identified. Most of the commonwealth coins made in the year of 1981 have that motto displayed so you will have to be more specific in terms of value. It is likely that it is a British coin and if it has a picture of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer on the back then it is likely to be valued at around $1.00. However, there are a small number of frosted sterling silver versions of this coin which tend to come in a case, and they could be worth around $15. It is important to identify the most common British coins for future use. The one pound, two pound and 50 pence coins are described as follows:

One Pound Coin
  • The £1 coin is a small and heavy gold colored coin with a thick setting. There are three different versions of this pound coin as each is inscribed with a different image. One will display the Three Lions for England, a thistle to represent Scotland and a leek for Wales.
Two Pound Coin
  • This specific coin is significantly larger than the pound coin and it has a gold band around the edge as well as an inner silver band. The motto 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants' is inscribed on the coin, which is a quote from Sir Issac Newton.
50 Pence Piece
  • This coin is silver and rather large with flat edges and it depicts Britannia sitting upon a lion and it is worth half of a pound.

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