What Is A Queen Elizabeth Ii Silver Jubilee Coin Worth?


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It depends on the condition that you have it in. Research shows that if you have this particular coin in a case and it has been well preserved then you may receive up to around $25, however a single Silver Jubilee coin can go for as little as $6.

  • Commemorative coins like the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee coin that you have mentioned can be very valuable and increase in price over the years, so if you have any more that you may believe are celebratory coins then you should officially identify them and see how much they sell for.
  • In order to find out if yours is a commemorative coin, you should consult a guidebook. You can find them in your local bookstore or even look on the internet for online versions. Commemorative coins tend to be listed by the year they were made and by the denomination.
  • Once you've found the identity of your coin, you should find out if they are Mint State or Proof. You can tell if it is Proof, if the coin is particularly reflective and have raised imagery on the coin.
  • If you're sure you have the right coin, you need to then contact some professional dealers to see how much they are willing to pay for them. Consult your local directories and phone books to find legitimate dealers.
  • If you plan to ship out your coins once you've agreed a price, then ensure you get insurance cover and package them up safely.

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