What Is The Value Of A 1891 Victoria:DG:Britt:Reg:FD?


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The value of a 1891 Victoria:DG:Britt:Reg:FD depends on its condition. The 1891 Victoria:DG:Britt:Reg:FD is worth about $78 if well worn. If the coin is well preserved it will be worth about $10 and if it is non-circulated it is worth substantially more; between $35-$40. This is always the way with coins. You may have expected it to be worth more but it unfortunately isn't. 
If you wish to sell your old coins there are a number of ways to do so. There are many coin dealers across the world who will give you a deal on your coins, though it may be less than the price you would get from some other methods of selling.
You can also sell them yourself through specialist publications or even advertisement newspapers. If you are also willing you can sell them at car boot sales or some other way. This might mean you will get a better price but also means you will have to spend your time sorting them out and taking the time to stand at a stall or searching out people to buy them. The coin market can be a hard thing to crack and some things seem more valuable than they actually are.

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