How Much 1952 George W Carver & Booker T Washington Coin Worth?


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The average values for a 1952 George Washington Carver and Booker Washington coin depend on whether they are almost circulated, fully uncirculated or fully uncirculated with strong eye appeal. Almost circulated Carver coins will fetch approximately $15, fully uncirculated coins are priced at around $25 and fully uncirculated coins with strong eye appeal have the highest value of approximately $50.

The coins show a portrait of both George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington side by side. The date, either 1951, 1952, 1953 or 1954, of the coin can be located to the left of Carver's neck. On the reverse of the coin is a map of the United States of America and its platitude mottoes. Originally the reverse was meant to show the American Legion badge with a motto fighting against communism. The American State Department vetoed this suggestion, something that had never happened before in American coinage.

The coins caused some controversy and the final mintage was cut short due to an authorizing act that set an earlier deadline. These coins are some of the last commemorative coins produced in America and although they were intended to honor two of the most important figures in America history, the coins never quite succeeded with their purpose. The 1952 Philadelphia edition of the coin is one of the more difficult to get hold of in perfect condition. Because of the way the coins were stacked and handles, most of the Carver coins will be found with Carver's cheekbone worn down. The 1954 set is the most difficult set to find because as the public lost interest in the coins, these were the ones that were melted down the most.

The Carver coin may not be worth much in monetary value but it is a coin that was intended to help commemorate some important American figures. To find an accurate value of a specific coin, it should be taken to a coin dealer, or two, for an exact valuation.
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One hundred thousand dollars

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