How Much Are Miniature Coins Worth?


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Miniature coins can vary in price, but they are not typically a high value item. They can still be easily obtained from novelty shops for about $6.

Some people do collect miniature coins, and one day as they become less common, they may be worth something more significant. However, their main worth comes from the metals they are made from.

Miniature coins are replicates of coins from the '70s and '80s, and as such, as far as collector's items go they are relatively new kids on the block, meaning there are still quite a lot in circulation. 

But, just because you can't yet make your millions off them, doesn't mean you can't put them to good use. Below are just a few ideas of how you can make use of your miniature coins:

Alternative uses for minute coins

  • The obvious one, start collecting
  • Furnish a dolls house
  • Make jewellery
  • Incorporate into magic tricks
  • Creature sculptures
  • Pretend you're a giant!

Whatever you do, don't throw them away, someone somewhere will certainly get use out of them, and you'd kick yourself if they came to be of value one day! Let's face it, they don't take up much room.

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