How Much Is A Ken Griffey Jr Coin Worth?


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The value of any coin depends on its condition, rarity and in the case of coins adorned with celebrities, their popularity. Ken Griffey Jr coins are not very valuable and can sell for as little as $15. If, however, you are in possession of a rare set of silver coins in a case, these could fetch up to $125, dependent upon their condition. The value of these coins is somewhat surprising when Griffey's career is analyzed.

Ken Griffey Jr, born George Kenneth Griffey Jr in 1969, was a Major League Baseball player. He started and ended his playing career with the Seattle Mariners, and also played for the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox. He won the Gold Glove award for 10 seasons running from 1990-1999, and also held the title of Silver Slugger of the year seven times. In a career spanning 21 years he batted 630 home runs, and is named in the Major League Baseball All-Century team.

Prior to making it big in the world of baseball, Griffey, aged 18 tried to commit suicide. He swallowed over 270 aspirin but somehow managed to survive, ending up in intensive care. He later spoke candidly about the incident and said, "It seemed like everyone was yelling at me at baseball, then I came home and everyone was yelling at me there. I got depressed. I got angry. I didn't want to live."

Since his retirement from playing baseball, Griffey has been hired by the Seattle Mariners as a consultant, where he is involved with training, and the running of their mini-league teams.

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