I Have 60's And 70's Unopened Baseball Card Packs. I'm Wondering If I Should Open Them Or Leave Them Sealed. I'm Going To Sale Them And Would Like To Know Which Is More Desirable.?


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I would not open them, and I would do a rather extensive search on the value of them in this condition. If you have to contact the company that made them. They have to know the value of their own cards right? I would think so. Hope this helps, good luck to you, and please remember me in your will. Lol
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Sealed packs can be very valuable, and they can also be 'graded' by a company such as Beckett.  On the other hand, its sure tempting to open em up and see if you have a mint condition rookie card that could be worth a lot more.
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Ember Flame answered
Definitely sealed because people really want to buy them if they haven't been touched by human hands since they were packaged.

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