What Is The Value Of A Coin Marked Newengland:ak:dom - Then Under That Is Has With The Date Of 1652


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Wow, you have a very rare coin indeed. Well its value depends on its condition, its denomination, and the type of tree that is on the coin. Under the date you will see some roman numerals, these represent the denomination of the coin. There were three types of trees used on these coins there was a willow tree, an oak tree, and a pine tree. I need you to describe in my shoutout box its condition (how worn down it is), what type of tree it has (or describe it as best as you can), and its denomination (the roman numerals). If you choose to tell me in my shoutout box you will probably have to leave several messages because there is a 100 word limit. I promise you, even if the coin is in horrible condition it is valueable so please get back to me as soon as you can. Ok, by the way, whatever you do DO NOT CLEAN THE COIN!!! Or it will become worthless.
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I went online to learn about this because I have the SAME coin. The roman numeral is XII - so I believe it is 12. It looks like a pine tree. Please let me know your thoughts on the rareness of this coin. I can send you my email is necessary. Thanks, Leslie

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