How Much Is A 1967 Threepenny Bit Worth Mint Condition?


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A 1967 threepenny of mint condition can now cost you up to £100 a piece due to its value. Many coin collectors are after this very special coin known for its twelve sides, thickness, and color.

A 1967 Threepenny is worth threepence with four of them amounting to a shilling or two eurocents. Dubbed as the best coin ever made in the United Kingdom, its color resembles that of brass and it has twelve sides. It's very thick and contains a picture of thrift at the back. Today, you can say that the threepenny is as thick as the modern £1 coin and almost has the same color. But the fact that it has 12 sides made it standout from the others.

According to history, the threepenny coin was first introduced to the public way back in 1937 to replace its younger version. However, the threepenny coin didn't last for long since it was withdrawn in 1971. Nonetheless, all coins minted after 1967 still bore the date 1967.

For someone who wants to include the threepenny coin in his or her coin collection, the best way to look for one is online. Many collectors who happened to have many of these coins on hand are more than willing to share them with you at a reasonable price. You can search in online auction sites like Ebay and find sellers of these coins.

Another excellent way to look for them is to go over your old grandparents' stuffs. You may not know it but they may have some of these coins kept in their old piggy banks. You can also ask your parents if they still have them too.

Threepenny coins and other rare coins can worth something as years go by. They have something in them which people find special. It's no wonder then that many are looking for them.

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