How Much Is A Grand Casino Coushatta Collector Coin Series Worth?


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To some coin collectors, a Grand Casino coin would be worth a lot of money but to others, it would seem less valuable. In this respect, it is quite difficult to give you a specific answer to this question as it could vary depending on where you are trying to sell it. As a guide, you may get anywhere up to $200 - but don't quote me on this as the value could be subject to other factors too, for example:

• If the coin is part of a larger set, this may make it more appealing and therefore more valuable to a collector. They may be willing to pay a premium price for the set as a whole rather than one individual coin.

• The size of the coin and amount of gold will also determine your end valuation price. The bigger the size means more gold and this means more money.

• The value of gold has been rising in recent years so before going to a coin dealer, make sure you check the current value to ensure they are not going to rip you off.

• This is a real niche market you are trying to sell to as this type of collector coin may not appeal to everyone. Look for specialist auctions relating to casino memorabilia or try to find a seller on an online auction site.
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