Have a 1966 1967 old r1 coin value of it?


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The best way to get the most accurate valuation of any old coin is to take it to a coin dealer or antiques expert.

The condition of the coin is also of great significance to the overall value and so it is always a good idea to carefully clean it before taking it for valuation.

If you do not know where your local coin and antique dealers are based, then it is best to head to You will need to put in your local town or city and then the words coin dealer. Once you've searched and found their websites, you should be able to see their contact details and address. Although you could ring up the dealer and describe your coin to them, it is best to actually take the coin down to the dealers in person.

If you want the best possible valuation of the coin then it is best to tell the dealer from the very start that you are not interested in selling it. That way the dealer is clear that they can't buy it off you and so will give a more honest valuation than they might if they wanted to buy it off you to make a profit later on.

If you do not have the time to go down to a dealers then there are websites that will value your coins for a small fee. They use coin experts and so you should get a very realistic quote.

One of these valuation websites can be found at -

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