How Can I Find Out The Value Of Some Old Coins I Have?


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troy johnston answered
You could maybe take them to the bank
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Jace Ashley answered
Well I would put this numisematist .com than search for the results because a numisematist is a coin collector good luck
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The condition of each coin is probably as important as how few there are known to be. A 'proof' or one that has no wear, not handled in general exchange in public commerce.
Age and of what metal it has been made of is also important.
Libraries have reference books published each year and provide photos of the different coins and list how many were
made originally and a pricing guide for all the set grades used to judge coins.
Hope you have some large solid gold ones and can sell them for a great profit!
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John answered
Since you do not give a description or year no one can give you the value. Your best bet is to get the red book for the coins year and grouping. Cents,nickles,dimes,quarter,half dollar,silver dollar,gold pieces, and limited edition coin.

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