How Do I Find The Value Of My Coin?


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Neither a bank nor a post office has any business in determining a coin's value. There are other sources better suited for this purpose. You mentioned a coin dealer; which is a great resource. Many coin dealers can be found in any major city; just look in the phone book. You can also go to a book store or a library to look at books about coins if you're uncomfortable talking to people.
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You can take it to your local bank or post office, and they will be able to tell you there.If you like, they will even change it into the current currency. Hope this helps.
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It is inscribed with 'emperor of russia k of prussia etc' on back and has two people and a cow on front any idea what it is please
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My brother died and left me many uncirculated coin from Israel. He had 5 lb, 10 lbs, 25 liaot
and shekels 1/2, 1 and 2. They date from 1958 to 19886. How do I value them.

Len Appel
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If you have a coin of any value, turning it into the post office or bank will only get you face value for the coin. You then gave the teller or counter clerk a coin that might have some value to a collector, who might give you more than face value. In today's metal market the silver or gold value, no matter what condition the coin is in could get you more than, again the face value. Most coin shops, dealers, pawn shops can tell if the coin has any value in the condition that you bring it to them. If it has value, they will probably give you more than face value. Please don't think I am stepping on your toes. I was told many yrs ago,
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I have five, 5 Koneek 1961 Russian Coins.
I have four, 10 koneek (1)-1973, (3)-1975.
I have 0ne, 15 Koneek 1961.
I have two, 3 KoneIIKII, 1961 & 1969.
I have three, 20 koneek 1961 coins.
I have four, 1 KoneIIkII, (2)-1976, 1971, 1968. Will you please tell me what these are worth? Thank you, Larry
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You have an old coin and it is an antique. It has worth only for the people who collect coins. You must contact to a vendor who sells antiques. He definitely will tell you its worth and you can also sell it there.
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Different coins have different values. Old and antique coins will be of a more significant value. Each coin has its own different history, so the value of the coin will be totally based upon the demand, scarcity and the condition of the coin. A dealer of antique items will be able to ascertain the proper value of a coin. Old books can give a good idea about the history of the coin. Usually, the coins face value is lower than the actual value of the coin. Cleaning the coin lowers the value of the coin. A substance present on the coin defines the authenticity of the coin.

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