How Do I Find Out The Value Of Thomas Kinkade Art?


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Thomas Kinkade is an artist most famous for his Disney scenes. He is very good at painting watercolors and light. If you know the name of your piece of art, simply type it into your search engine and the retail price for that piece of art will come up. Prints of his beautiful artwork on his website range in price depending on the size and rarity of the print, typically from around $100 to $500.

Thomas Kinkade works with several charities and has raised millions over the years for various charitable organizations. His work is extremely popular because of the way he manages to capture light in his artwork.

Some of Kinkade’s newest works include a portrait of the Lion King, a courageous voyage, depicting a ship out to sea, and a magnificent baseball pitch. He is renowned for his beautiful watercolors of scenery and picturesque buildings, such as churches and light houses. He also paints seasonal pictures, some of his most awe inspiring depict the Christmas period.

There are Thomas Kinkade galleries dotted all over the USA. You could also take your piece in to one of these for a professional valuation.

Thomas Kinkade is currently on tour with his Share the Light Tour. This tour is visiting several sites all over the USA. See the website, for more details. With this tour, Thomas hopes to spread the message of living a simpler life with hope and faith.

Thomas attended UC Berkeley and began his career as an artist in the film industry. He then became a professional watercolor artist so that his art could be accessible for the whole world to enjoy. He is still painting today and has a huge array of paintings to his name.
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I have 2 thomas kinkade's  - Sunday at Apple Hill- I do not know the year of this painting on Canvas.  It is numbered 473 of 1980.  How do I find out the value and year.
Also, have and A/P of Hidden Arbor and the same with this painting on canvas. The number on this is 192 of 375.
They are both framed in lovely frames and both are I believe 16x20.  We are looking to sell these as have downsized a lot and have no room.  Your help is appreciated
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I have a print of "Emerald Isle Cottage", print is 20 x 16 and is matted and framed to measure 26 1/2 x 29 1/2.  It is numbered 721/2750.  What is the value of the print.  I am looking to
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Call the gallery where you purchased it. They will tell you the current value
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Thomas Kinkade is a ver famous artist. He mostly does water colors of nature. Check out his website or books to know more.
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Well, it seems his company made $140 million in 2000, so there's clearly money being made! As for the value of individual paintings, collectibles and so on, the worldcollectorsnet should be able to help you - there is a message board for talking about Kinkade too.
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Thomas Kinkade's San Francisco and Disney Dreams canvas limited editions
have increased in value even in this bad economy!
Contact one of the Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries listed on his website
and we can give you free appraisals and some even sell on consignment.
Please pay no attention to jealous artists who know nothing about this.
I pray they can make a living selling artwork even if Thomas Kinkade is
the number one selling artist in the World today.
Watch Discovery channel for free art lessons as Thomas Kinkade travels
around the planet called "The Light of the World". God bless you!
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What is the value of a Thomas Kinkade limited edition Lithograph The Garden of Prayer #1077
of 4950. On premium artist's canvas. 25.5" x 34" Thanks
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I have a 45 X 45 Kinkade Print of Lamplight Manor.  This print came with a certificate of authentication.  How do I find out its value?  It is matted and framed.
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It is hard for me to be unabiased on this as I am an Artist and most of my Artist friends are NOT found of Thomas. We paint to make  some money but most of all from our hearts and the love of painting and to share our Art with the World. We need to make money to replenish our supplies , some of us to live but most of all the LOVE and appreciation of Art. Thomas has cheepened Art by putting it on everything from umbrellas to cups etc.  It is really hard to resell his work to anyone that loves and collects Art. Good luck.This is only my opinion.
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Thomas Kinkade paintings are worthless except how much you like it. For example in the garden scene he painted a gazebo. The high edition numbers (thousands - US plus international editions and then each of the difference sizes) makes it less collectable. But then he stop there and paints the same scene over and over again. He just changes the position of the gazebo and different garden arrangements - but the same. They even have the same path and the same view of the water coming downstream. Then he floods ebay with the cheap prints of his paintings (not limited editions) This has makes it hard for buyers looking to buy one of the limited editions on the cheap be sure of what they are getting. This way people will only buy from his galleries in shopping malls.

If you really want to unload it - them make sure you also photograph the certificate and the back frame and provide lots of information.

You might get lucky and get back half of what you paid for it. When it comes to suckers there is one born every minute. You will probably get less though.  

Art is mostly subjective. People like what they like. A Thomas Kinkade is the same. You don't buy it as an investment. Most are like unknown stocks from small companies some will go up and some will go down. However if Thomas Kinkade were an investment it would be a Ponzi scheme.

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