I Have A Number Of Thomas Kinkade Library Edition Prints. What Is The Best Way And Where Can I Sell Them?


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Thomas Kinkade prints are very popular pieces of art work, and so there are a lot of them around. To get a good price for them they will have to be rare, which library edition ones can be.
There are two main ways that you can go about selling these:

  • The Internet
Sites such as eBay will enable you to sell these prints; however, they may not fetch as much as you would like them to on here. One of the ways you can get around this is to set a price that you will not let the prints go for anything less, enabling you to keep hold of them if no one will bid a decent price for them. Alternatively, you could advertise them on the Internet and see if you get any takers.

The Internet is also a great place to check the value of your artwork. If you type the specific prints or originals you have in to the search engine, there will more than likely be a valuation on there to give you a rough idea of how much your prints are going for.

  • Auction houses
Get in touch with your local auction house. You can book an appointment with them for a valuation, and they should be able to tell you face to face roughly what your prints are worth. This method is better if you are not that competent with computers. This will also enable you to be there should you wish when your items are auctioned.

Like on the Internet, you can set a starting price for your paintings so that you do not lose out on any money should the winning bid be less than you wanted it to be. This ensures that your paintings will sell for a good price.

If you need any more information, perhaps you can contact an art dealer to help you decide what to do next. They will have a better idea of the value of these paintings.

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