How Much Is A 1972 Liberty Dollar Worth And Where Can I Sell Them?


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A liberty dollar, also known as a silver dollar or Eisenhower dollar, is fairly common and unlikely to be worth more than its face value of $1. An exception to that is if there is an 'S' between the portrait of Eisenhower and the date, in this case the coin consists of 40% silver and is worth around $10.

  • Why such a low value?

The silver dollar was produced between 1971 and 1978 and was immediately stored and held onto by collectors which goes some way towards explaining its lack of value.

With so many of the dollars stored, and no real demand for a fairly unpopular coin, there hasn't been much of a market or mark up for the coin over the 40 years since it first came into use.

  • Where can I sell it?

Selling online isn't really much of an option since you would be charged a listing fee with postage costs involved for the buyer or seller in the transaction. Looking up a coin dealer in your local area would be the best option, but with a high supply and little demand, unless the coin has the 'S' on it, a dealer is unlikely to buy the coin from you.

  • Who was Eisenhower?

The silver dollar was struck to commemorate former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who died in 1969, with the coin first minted two tears later. Special bu-centennial issues were struck in 1975 and 1976, but again, due to the high supply, there is little additional value in the coin.

Although it currently has a low value, the fact that it was struck to commemorate a President will ensure that it retains some interest and demand and could at some stage become more desirable and valued.
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If it is the coin with Eisenhower on the front and the eagle on the flip side, then it only is worth face value ($1.00) -- or, $1.50 at the most -- unless it has never seen circulation. If it has never been circulated, then go to a few coin dealers and get estimates. Usually, you can sell the coin to the dealer (get several estimates so you will know the going rate before you sell).
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1776-1976 liberty dollar with the eisenhower in front and the bell in the back worth

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