How Much Is A 2003 10 Dollar American Liberty Coin Worth?


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Being quite a recent coin, it won’t be worth much more than its face value. Depending on its condition, a professional numismatist may be able to provide a good opinion.

The Liberty Dollar is based on the Liberty Dollar ‘base value’ created by Bernard von NotHaus. To further distinguish how Liberty Dollar works, he transitioned to a commission structure in June 2007 where associates and merchants receive a commission in the form of extra Liberty Dollars when they place their orders. Regional currency officers have always received larger discounts, since they are the regional distributors and official representatives of Liberty Services. The Liberty Dollar associate and merchant discounts can range from zero to more than 50 per cent depending on where the price of silver is, relative to the Liberty Dollar base value, the Liberty Dollar base value crossover points, and the time periods the price has stayed above varying moving-day averages in a fluctuating market.

A ‘regional currency office’ is a kind of distributor of Liberty Dollars. In exchange for a fee paid to Liberty Dollar they can purchase Liberty Dollars for resale at a discount. They are also authorized to purchase, convert, or perhaps exchange Liberty Dollars for Federal Reserve Notes. Liberty Dollars cannot be bound to a specific valuation over time; Liberty Services maintains the parity of one Liberty Dollar to one American Dollar by re-basing Liberty Dollars as the purchasing power of the US Dollar falls, leading to the circulation of two different versions during re-basing transition periods.

The Liberty Dollar was sold to merchants and ‘Liberty Associates’ at a price that represented a discount to the MSRP face value, and a premium to the silver value. The differential in price depends both upon the spot price of silver, and the last fixed base price assigned by Liberty. As the US Dollar decreases in purchasing power, the intrinsic value of the American Liberty Dollar remains relatively constant. But the ability of a holder of the latter currency to barter based on their intrinsic value is inefficient because of the lack of a highly liquid exchange process.

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