How To Know If These Silver Canadian Quarters Have Any Value?


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As for the three older ones (1943, 1957, 1960) they worth more because they are 80% silver. If silver worth $18 a troy oz (as of today), then each of them should worth $2.52 plus their collective value, which normally runs about 10 to 30% plus. (I normally can get them for under $3 on Ebay) Never sell them below their silver value, unless you are very nice to me.    As for the two newer ones, the only way you can sell them is to find the buyer that specifically wants that coin for that year, (i.e. A special issue) I believe (not sure on this) that they put more nickel in the quarters in the 70s then that is today. Today quarters are over 90% steel and only 2.2% in nickel plating, which means they worth NOTHING! (you can still buy a piece of candy, of course)
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Just by the name of them. Sounds like big money to me..I know their worth Something..
Good luck. With them..

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