An 1886, 1921 Silver Dollar, Silver Certificate $1 Bills And $5 Bank Note. Do Any Of These Have Value?


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The value of all of these depends on their conditions, mintmarks, denominations, country of origin, etc. The value of the bank notes is also effected by their serial numbers, seals, and banks. The Morgan dollar (1886) is probably worth around $21 without a mintmark, $25 with an O mintmark, and around $85 with an S mintmark. The dollar from 1921 is really hard to appraise because I can't see it. If it is a Morgan dollar then its probably worth around $18 and around $170 if it is a peace dollar. If either of them happen to be rare matte proof/high relief dollars then they would be worth tens of thousands of dollars. As for the bank notes, I don't know enough about their prices and history to accurately estimate their values, but I hope that this helps.
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Silver certificate bills will likely be just a little more than face value if they are in circulated condition.

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