What Is The Value Of An 1823 Silver Dollar?


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Go to a coin collector and check it out.  DayLilly is right...a lot of it depends on the date and condition of the coin.


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I can't find that coin. It says that Liberty Seated Dollars were minted from 1840-1873, and Peace (Liberty Head) Dollars weren't minted until 1921. There seems to be a gap from 1805-1835 where Silver Dollars weren't minted. I think your coin might be fake, or you read the date wrong.
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The worth of the dollar all depends on it's condition. Other than that, where you got it and its date is important. Also, there have been a lot of dollar coins from the East. Some good, some bad. You might have one of many coins, and possibly a bad one at that. Since there are so many, it's not considered rare, therefore not very valuable. It all depends...

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Here is  site that gives their approximate values .

Coins.about.comod/coin values/l/bl_mercury_dime_values.htm

Go to yahoo Coins and Currency category, under hobbies >>> then collecting. You will find lots of sites covering the art of coin collecting, and many sub-categories. In subcategory "Companies", you will find coin universe. This site offers price guidelines. Your dime could worth from 10 dollar to 1000 dollar.

Hope that helps

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