What Is The Value Of An 1887 Lady Liberty Silver Dollar?


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In general, an 1887 Lady Liberty Silver Dollar will fetch about 20 US dollars at auction; however, there are many variables in the world of rare coin collecting. Some examples of this coin (depending on condition, provenance, et cetera) may be worth considerably more than 20 dollars. In fact, very rare coins from 1887 that feature a Liberty head motif have been known to sell for 10s of thousands of dollars. Needless to say, most 1997 Lady Liberty silver coins will not be worth anywhere near this amount.

How To Get A Proper Rare Coin Appraisal

  • If you have a rare coin, which you suspect may be valuable when resold, it's important to have it appraised by a professional appraiser who is impartial. Going to a pawnshop or low-end rare coin trading post may not be the best way to find out exactly how much your coin is worth. Sometimes, people who own rare coins may get ripped off by going to an appraiser who is affiliated with a buyer.
  • The appraiser may set a price, and then refer the seller to a buyer; by acting as a middleman, the appraiser will get a kickback from naming a too-low appraisal for the piece, and then send the seller to the buyer, who will buy it for much lower than what it is worth. Such scams are abound, so it's vital to find a reputable appraiser who acts legally and is aboveboard.
Internet message boards where coin collectors meet can be excellent sounding boards for newbies. These coin collectors can look at an uploaded image of your rare coin and chime in on its potential value. These coin experts are always interested in looking over other people's collections.

Checking Internet auction sites for current auctions on rare coins may actually be the most reliable way to assess the current value of a Lady Liberty coin from the year 1887.

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