How Much Are Conan The Barbarian Comics Worth?


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chris hughess Profile
chris hughess answered
Depended which comic of conan like the newer 1s are as munch as 10 dollars but the older 1s are worth like 50 if you find the right person.
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Have you checked with your local comic book stores. There are many collectors items. Check there and see if they have similar comics and their worth. Will give you a better idea. You can also search the net, but best to see what they are selling in stores. Mind you if you try to sell your comic to the store, you will never get what it is worth
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Steve Robinson answered
I sold my collection of Conan #1 - #275 (Marvel) in excellent to near mint - mint condition for  $3,000.  I wanted more, but I had to dump them fast.
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Conan SAGA MAY 62

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