What Is The Value Of Action Comics No 1 June 1938?


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If you want to give them away, I"LL TAKE ALL YOU HAVE.
Seriously, they could be QUITE valuable to a collector.
Value, of course, depends upon CONDITION.
If you wish to sell them I would advise that you contact 3 or 4 reputable dealers in old comics and see what they offer for them.
No matter the condition, I would purchase clear magazine protector covers for them and put them away for your children's future. A safe deposit box is not out of the question here.
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INCREDIBLY valuable. Action Comics #'1 is one of the most sought after comic books of anything ever published - but as previously stated, its value will depend on the condition.
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They will be worth a lot more if you pass them on. But if you sell them they would be worth $675,000.

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