How Much Is A 1935 Penny Worth?


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The 1935 penny worth is between $40- $70 but the price of this penny totally depends on the condition of the penny and varies on different shops.
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About 50$. I'm not sure, unless it is rusty...
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Anywhere from 5 cents and 550 dollars it varies a lot depending on the type and what letter is on it
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Depending on the type and quality of your coin, you are looking at around 25 US cents to US$1 for your coin. However, if your coin is of a better grade than xf, it could be worth a lot more.

To find more information on the types and different quality ratings, you can go here.

Please note the above is in terms of retail and "what it is worth", in regards to what you would actually get for it from a coin dealer, you're probably looking at less.

For more information on that, you can go here.
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1935 coin worth depends upon the quality and grads of the coin. Normally its value is between 25 US cents to US $1. For more information, click here. Or you can get information from following site

coin_values with respect to dealers.

Enjoy blurting :)
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What would you like to know about it?  It's worth?  A coin dealer once told me that, just because a coin is old, doesn't mean it is worth a lot of money.  (I have a couple coins from the 1780s, but they are nearly worthless.  I also have several wheat pennies.)  You would have to bring it to a repuatable dealer to have it evaluated.  

The desirable wheat penny is the 1909 SVD.  Good luck finding one.

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