How Much Is My 1917 Wheat Penny Worth?


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The best place to check any coin valuation, apart from seeing a numismatist in person, is to check on various coin valuation websites such as Jake’s Marketplace ( or

Internet auction sites are full of amateur numismatists so, having checked the caliber of their selling history, it might be worth putting the coin on one of these sites before seeking a professional valuation. Indeed, the more research you do yourself the better the amateur numismatist you become in addition to this.

The price also depends on the condition of the coin. The US one cent coin was issued with Lincoln on the front and wheat on the reverse from 1909 until 1958. Since 1959 the one cent coin is issued with the "Memorial reverse".

A 1917 penny, according to, can fetch up to 10 dollars, in the following conditions and types: 1917 VF: $1, 1917 XF: $4, 1917 D VF: $2.50, 1917 D XF: $10, 1917 S VF: $2, 1917 S XF: $10. Conversely, lists the values as negligible despite being up to 1500 per cent their face value: 1917: 12 cents, 1917 D 15 cents, 1917 S 16 cents. It is best to shop around to find the right price.
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You didn't mention that it is a wheat, silver or gold penny I think its worth is more than $0.2. You can get a fair idea by going to 1917-penny site. Or check out penny-price-guide-chart. This sure will be of great help.
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Your wheat penny is worth $15
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The wheat penny price is approximately $50 but its rate price from shop to shop you can check on eBay and Amazon.
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The lowest it could be would be $500.Highest I ever heard of is $2,562.There could be higher offers.The wheat penny is very rare and there are few of them left.I happen to have 16 wheat pennies.2 from 1898.1 from 1872.4 from 1917.Another 4 from 1925.2 from 1908.The rest are from 1943.Those three had been carried by an America soldier who fought in World War 2.The soldier survived and when my daughter was in the hospital from a car accident he gave them to me for good luck.He said they had kept him alive during the war.Amazingly my daughter fully recovered a few weeks later. To see my collection of old coins and dollars from this country and others go to hope you ejoyed this piece of information.

  Sincerely yours,
  Dr.Edward J. Lionsy
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I have a nickel with a bufalo and an indian on it from 1920 and it is only worth a nickel suposeably.  good luck to you.
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I have found a large collection of old penny's from my grandfather and I wonder if there is any value to them I have a 1915, 1917, 1918, 1925, 1930, 1935 x 3, 1936, 1939, 1944 x 3 1945 x 2 1946, a 1950 w/ D stamped unter the date 1952, 1954 also w/ D stamp 1955 1956 x 2 and a 1958 w/ P stamped under the date. All of these penny's are wheat penny's.
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I have a 1917 wheat penny and a 1919 wheat penny. Can some one help me with the price. I want to sell them if the are a lot of money.
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I have a wheat penny with what looks like an eagle on the back, can anyone help me with a price????

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