How Much Is A Babe Ruth 1914 Wheat Penny Rookie Card Be Worth?


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Honestly, not sure, but I'm working on it !!  A 1914 Babe Ruth Wheat Card would be The "Babe's" ROOKIE CARD !!!!  I own this card & I also own a 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth Card, graded a 5 by Beckett with a Book Value of $5,800 according to Beckett - THE SAME CARD, with a Grade of 3 was worth $2,800 !!!  (GRADE 1 was $900)....
I can't EVEN IMAGINE the Value on his ROOKIE CARD !! - But it aint no $20, per the MORON that can't spell here !!!

OF COURSE, "The Condition of the card", WOULD LARGELY INFLUENCE THE VALUE !!!!  I got to believe that a Grade 8 - 10 Ruth ROOKIE CARD, WOULD EASILY BE 6 FIGURES !!!!

BEFORE ANY CRITICISM, CHECK YOUR FACTS !!!  He was originally signed by Baltimore first, which AT THAT TIME, WAS A MINOR LEAGUE TEAM !!!  A newspaper photo of Babe's signing with Baltimore, RECENTLY SOLD FOR $200K - AND IT WASN'T EVEN A "CARD", IT WAS A NEWSPAPER PHOTO !!!! (TO ME, THAT WAS WAAAAAAY OVER-PRICED !!! BUT, SOMEONE BOUGHT IT !!)

The 1914 Wheat Card Reads:  BABE RUTH 1914:  Rookie George "Babe" Ruth makes his MLB debut with the Boston Red Sox" & be sure that you got a 1914 penny also !!!  GOOD LUCK !!


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