How Much Is A Babe Ruth 100th.Anniversary Commemorative Ball Worth?


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You can get one on ebay for under 10 bucks. Just for my curiosity - what does it commemorate?
I think they were issued in 1995, which would have been for George Herman Ruth's 10-year old sandlot team? He didn't start in the majors until 1914.
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I don't know what ball you are referring to.
My Gold Commemorative Ball was issued via the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore.
Limited to 714 balls. It sold for $629.00 in 1995.
I cannot find any on ebay or via a Google search.
michael finnegan
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I never heard of them myself, so I did an ebay search for that specific description and got 2 hits for about 5 bucks + 3.50 S&H. Don't know if they're still there, just passed it on. I'd still like to figure out what they were for?!
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I have one and it is in perfect shap

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