How Much Are Baseball Cards Worth?


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Depends what cards you have, how rare they are, what condition they're in, etc.
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If there old baseball card thousands and thousands of dollars
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Buy a guide at a book store
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The worth of a baseball card is decided after seeing the condition of the card. It also depends on the year of the release of the card and who is the star printed on it. Some of the price cards are as old as 1940s. The cards have their own categories such as "Semi stars", "Unlisted Stars", "Minor Stars" or "Common stars".

Baseball cards can be traded for free or sold for a price either at special card shops or card shows. You should take great care of your baseball cards, if they stay in a very good condition the card will become more valuable, preserve your baseball card in a plastic sleeve. Buy a storage container for the cards from a local card show. You can store your cards in these special containers.
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Well they are not worth more, they are different prices at different places but they are usually of about $1 or so.
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How much is a mike hampton (braves baseball card worth when he was drafted as a pitcher for the braves in june 1990

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