How Much Is The 1973 Record Of Elvis Commemorative Album Limited Edition Worth?


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The world of music is synonymous with the name of Elvis Presley. The singer has created history in sales within the music industry and a fan-following like no other artist. Today, even posthumously, Elvis Presley is a star.

There is hardly a generation around that is not aware of the enigma and charisma of Elvis. The singer is credited with record-breaking songs like 'I'm all shook up', 'Your cheatin' heart', 'Memphis Tennessee' and 'Jailhouse Rock'. The Elvis fan club has never seen a withdrawal, only occasional delays because of the already existent number.

The star or 'king', as he was referred to by fans and contemporaries, was always in the news. His 1973 record of 'Elvis Commemorative Album Limited Edition' is sold at $50.00, per copy. The package consists of two LPs of yellow vinyl and is marketed by RCA Special Products (Stereo DPL2-0056(e) Registration # 42711). T

he album is a collection of all the singer's popular tracks and even includes some of the famous songs from his movies. The 'king' acted a number of his movies like 'Fun in Acapulco', 'G.I.Blues' and 'Blue Hawaii'. Buying the 1973 record of 'Elvis Commemorative Album Limited Edition' is a great way to pay tribute to the contribution of Elvis Presily to the music industry.
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You can put it up on eBay set a price and have people bid on it if they really want it they will bid anything !!!!

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