What Is A 1944 Wheat Penny Worth?


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The value of a 1944 wheat penny really depends on whether it was in circulation or not at the time of its release. As this year was quite a common year for wheat pennies, it may be unlikely the coin would be worth a lot of money. Certainly it depends on the actual coin and story behind it. Additionally, prices and estimations may vary from one dealer to the next. Without knowing any additional information about your coin, if it was circulated in 1944 and is still in good condition, you may be able to get around 2 cents for it. If it was not circulated and still in good nick, you may expect to get anything up to the 20 cent mark.
When giving a value for a wheat penny, a dealer needs to make sure they will also be able to make some profit if they went on to sell it again. That is why some will only pay around two or three cents for some of the more common wheat penny coins such as those released in 1944. Indeed, it is always worthwhile going to a few dealers first to gauge what the most common price for a coin would be. This will help you then make a more informed decision when it comes to selling and getting the best possible price.
If coins are in quite bad condition, it is unlikely you will get much for them- unless they are incredibly rare or were never put in circulation. One way of increasing the value of a wheat penny is to sell it as part of a collection with other sought after coins.
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I want to know how much it is worth
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Well, this is just breaking! Although over 300 million 1944 wheat pennies have been distributed, there are very few of them made in steel. That happened post 1943 when the mint presented a few demos to make sure they are not steel. All of the demos were left in the mix and have been distributed. So if you want to know if they are steel, I guess you place your penny on a magnet and hope it sticks, if it does, you sell your penny for $100,000 and become rich!
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Pennies don't normally have good worth but it's not bad either. Hang on to them because values do increase with the passage of time. Check out the following site for wheat pennies worth.

Wheat Pennies Worth
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Around 2 or 3 cents

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