I Would Like To Know The Value Of The Following Coins. 1. 1886 E. Pluribus - UNUM $1.00 Coin Silver 2. 1922 L. Liberty $1.00 Coin Silver 3. 1945 L. Liberty .50 Coin Silver 4. 1776-1976 Liberty $1,00 Silver Coin 5. HRH Prince Of Wales & Lady Diana Spe?


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A coins value depends greatly upon many factors like its condition, date, mintmark, denomination, type, country of origin, errors, etc. As far as the fifth coin goes I don't know what that might be worth because I don't know much about the prices of british coins. The first coin you have is called a Morgan dollar and they were made from 1878 to 1921. The mintmark of these coins are located on the reverse just below the eagles tail feathers. If you don't see any letter than that means it was made in Philadelphia. Since I can't see your coins I can only give you approximations for different conditions and you have to match which one sounds about the closest to its condition. With no mintmark in poor condition $15, with an O mintmark $18, and with an S mintmark $45. In ok to relatively good condition around without a mintmark $20, with O mintmark $23, and with S mintmark $75 to $100. In really good (almost new) condition, $25, $100, and $250 respectively. The next coin you have is a Peace Dollar. They were made from 1921 to 1935 and their mintmark is also on the reverse just to the left of the birds tail feathers. Its worth about the same as the prices listed for the no mintmark morgan above no matter what mintmark is on this coin. There is one exception to this though. There are some EXTREMELY rare matte proof finished 1922 peace dollars that are worth around $75000 at a minimum. The next coin is a walking liberty half dollar. I don't remember where the mintmark is located on this one. Its worth about $8 in a more poor condition and closer to $12 in good condition. I'm not sure what the fourth coin is. Its obviously a commemorative coin made in 1976 I just don't know which one it is.

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