How Do I Find The Value Of A UNUM E PLURIBUS 1787?


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Could you please tell me the particular denomination of the coin
As well as any images which appear on either side... This will help me to answer fully...
I am certain they minted silver as well as gold back in the day and in that year.
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You have a replica 1787 DBLN Brasher New York Style Doubloon with an EB punch on the wing (often referred to as a Brasher Doubloon for short) These particular coins were only made privately by Ephraim Brasher who was a master goldsmith and silversmith in New York city in and after 1787. The coin dealer you talked to is right because they were only made in gold. The last authenticated Brasher Doubloon from 1787 that had the EB punch on the wing, sold at auction in 2005 for  $2,415,000. Here is a link with a little bit more information:
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If you have an original and not a reproduction you have a 1787 doubloon. I think there may be only a very few  known samples of this coin. Value? Are you kidding? It has been written about in novels and had a movie made about it.
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